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Southwest Venture Forum

TEG Capital Advisors co-founder & Operational VP, Renick Hall speaks at SMU Southwest Venture Forum on Women's Perspective on Entrepeneurial Investing & Venture Capital.

The Southwest Venture Forum is a non-profit forum where entrepreneurs seeking to start or build a business can meet with sources of capital and professionals to facilitate the acquisition of financing and to obtain advice and information. The membership includes entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bankers, attorneys, trade association representatives, accountants, and consultants who have experience working with early and intermediate stage growth-oriented entrepreneurs and their firms.

On March 23, 2023 the Southwest Venture Forum held a special panel led by Laura Baldwin, Managing Director with Golden Seeds & President of the Waco Vend Asset Management, Ltd which had Renick Hall, co-founder & Operations VP addressing women's perspective on entrepreneurial investing; Renick spoke alongside Melissa Youngblood, Cofounder & Partner of Venn Venture & Susan Moring, Principle with Coronado Ventures.

Topics addressed were investing amid the SVB Crash crisis, working with family offices vs private equity firms, creative & alternative investing solutions, as well as the directional changes of the investing & venture industry related to geographical concentrations, industry focus, & the importance of early-stage relationships.

Overall the panel drew attention to the perspective that women have in this space which is predominantly run by men in the finance industry. There was discussion around women's perspective on relationship building as well as investing intuition around women owned & run businesses entering the venture space. Each panelist had experience working with women run & operated businesses and saw unique differences in cultural climate & strategic approach. In addition, there was discussion about women entering the venture capital space & not only diversifying the industry but adding value to their companies by expressing stances on equality, skills assessment, & emotional intuition.

Southwest Venture Forum seeks to promote upcoming business owners & lead panels that provoke thought & conversation around Venture Capital, especially in the DFW area.

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