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Join the Earthx Conference for Environmental Sustainability Expo2022.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

EarthxConference is a series of conferences that convene for the purpose of cultivating relationships and forming partnerships between mission-driven advocates, investors, accelerators, researchers, and other concerned world citizens. The conference goals are to educate, promote and instigate activities that sustain environmental initiatives with a substantial, positive impact on all living things and on our planet.

EarthX, the environmental expo, conference, and film festival, brings together concerned environmental citizens, educators, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and thought leaders for exhibitions, music, entertainment, learning opportunities, discussions, forums, a film festival.

We’re looking forward to another incredible event this year as global voices of all ages, interests, political affiliations, and backgrounds convene in Dallas to discuss how we can work together to create a sustainable world for all living things; and a better, cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.”

Below are the the following areas to participate in on April 22-24 in Dallas, Texas.

  • E-Capital Summit: an investment forum where private capital engages with environmental technology leaders alongside an Innovation Expo with exhibits from pioneering technology companies, incubators, accelerators, national labs, and universities.

  • EarthxLaw: a symposium addressing water quality issues like drinking water for cities, climate change and water, and oceans, touching on offshore energy, plastics, transportation, and ocean acidification.

  • EarthxTransportation: hosted in partnership with Transportation Energy Partners and The Nature Conservancy, convening transportation experts sharing ways to reduce harmful emissions and achieve maximum fuel efficiency in vehicles.

  • EarthxFuture500Summit: the signature event of Future500, attracting leaders from non-government, corporate, philanthropic, investor, and policy communities. The Summit will help build broader capacity for collective action to advance systemic solutions to environmental and social challenges.

  • EarthxOcean: will address the role oceans play in our lives with both an Inland Ocean Action Summit and the first Island Resilience Forum. Bringing together island leaders and champions from the United Nations and around the world, the Island Resilience Forum will work towards scalable and comprehensive energy roadmaps as well as actionable and fundable projects for communities on the front lines of climate change.

  • EarthxCities: will assemble the community and business leaders preparing for environmental impacts, like the increasing number of natural weather disasters. The one-day event will address resilience planning and evolving practices, solutions, and decisions with public officials, recognized experts, and experienced practitioners through plenary sessions, panel discussions, and networking activities.

  • EarthxUniversity: will bring university students affiliated with BridgeUSA together with influencers from business, government, and academia. The two-day assembly will bridge the political divide impeding constructive political action that prevents our collective environmental concern from translating into a multi-partisan movement. Incorporating the 30 Under 30: The Green Generation awards, EarthxUniversity will recognize young activists, business leaders, and innovative thinkers, who will also participate in panels discussing ocean/water, wildlife, conservation, land management, clean energy, sustainability, and climate solutions.

  • EarthxEnergy: will gather politicians and industry leaders to discuss the latest in clean energy efforts with briefings on current initiatives and policies. Topics will include produced water management strategies and emission reduction technologies.

  • EarthxMilitary: will host policy makers and members of the military and national defense industry presenting solutions for security challenges and clean tech. One key conversation will be the health and environmental issues affecting those actively deployed for relief efforts during natural disasters or when environmental problems spark violent conflicts.

Leading Through Change

Along with the nine conference tracks, the event will also include EarthxFilm presenting more than 60 feature and short documentaries at screenings across Dallas; EarthxHack, an environmental innovation competition; and EarthxGlobal Gala, an eco-star-studded evening celebration culminating in the Global Impact Awards.

“We’re going to be convening companies, environmentalists, donors, foundation leaders, civic leaders, political leaders, and others to prove that protecting the earth is not a partisan cause. That we can all join together and protect the earth,” says Bill Shireman, CEO and president, Future 500.

He adds, “If you’re a leader. If you’re a concerned citizen. If you are part of a family that cares about the future of the planet, come to EarthX and see the exciting things that environmentalists, corporations, scientists, and others are doing.”

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