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Path to Sustainable Business

TEG Capital Advisors is a "M&A advisory" firm  based in Dallas, Texas.

Our principle drivers behind our mission are Technology, Environment, & Gains (TEG). 

At TEG Capital we provide M&A advisory services for acquisitions, mergers, business sales and divestitures, advising clients throughout the transaction, from start to finish.

Whether your motive is to successfully exit a business you have owned for decades, expand your product line and cross selling opportunities, reduce tax liability, overcome competitive disadvantages, or complete a vertical integration, our M&A advisory services can help you maximize financial performance.

TEG Capital raises equity (primary and secondary) and debt (secured and unsecured), and executes upon acquisition, divestiture, and merger transactions (M&A).

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Better for Business, Better for the World

Our deep rooted belief in technology advancement, environmental awareness, & increasing personal & professional gains is what makes us unique. We believe in supporting better practices & growing what we consider key essential areas for marked success in tech, environmental sustainability, & overall personal improvement, what we call gains. 

Innovation - Driven 

We help businesses like yours achieve unique goals. Our boutique customer-tailored approach ensure you get the attention required to achieve successful exit, merge, or acquisition. We will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions via simple processes and time-tested practice where we’ve supported numerous clients - and we’re confident we’re the right folks for you.

Business Meeting

Data-Powered Investment

Our unique approach leverages our strategic partnerships, deep rooted investment network, focused industry expertise, & overall scrutiny for hands on advisement. We want to ensure our clients have success with us when we embark on our client journey's. We don't just do start to finish with every client; we maintain a lasting relationship hence why we are so selective in the initial stages.

Respect & Worth

We respect & value every business we advise. At TEG Cap our clients receive a hands on, all in one service meaning we address every step they need to go through for their desired outcome. Our partnerships & hired industry experts enable us to give the most in depth advisement that ensure sour clients achieve their goals as quick and efficiently as possible.


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We get a lot done in a short amount of time. Join us to see how fast we continue to grow with our clients.



Founded TEG Capital Advisors & Initiated Ethical Leadership Program

TEG Cap co-founders Steve & Renick decided to make a change in the industry & wanted to provide investment opportunities to businesses who were truly "making a difference" 



Began raising our first fund & established Impact Fund for Global Sustainability

By 2022 we are on the fast track to not only advising meaningful businesses but investing in companies that are impacting entire industries

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